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Greenville Motor Company service department got its startauto repair Greenville, NC back in 1995. We later branched out to Winterville, NC and opened Winterville Tire and Automotive. In 2010 we got the opportunity to relocate several of our facilities into one large combined location. All of our stores then became Greenville Motor Company at our new facility. We also have a satellite service department to serve you located at our Washington Motor Company location. We have over 12 service bays and literally do everything auto related. We are truly your ONE STOP SHOP.

Today, as Greenville’s largest single location repair facility, GMC gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “ONE STOP SHOP”. We strive to give our customers affordable, convenient and routine maintenance service. How do we do it? We give you ample opportunities to save money with our specials and our honest service. Our trained technicians will give your vehicle the time and care it deserves. It is our mission to make your vehicle safe and reliable for a reasonable price. Our routine checks include a wide range of auto repair necessities and vehicle maintenance options. We are just that devoted and motivated to helping you effectively and efficiently increase your road time. Let GMC service your vehicle now and for all your future service needs!

What to Do When Your Car Won’t Start  | Auto Repair Greenville, NC

We know how it feels when our vehicles give up on us. Sometimes it is something trivial like a tire going flat or a dead battery. Other times it is more serious like a transmission failure. For those of you who never seem to know what to do when you are stuck on the side of the road, or in your driveway trying to leave home for work, here is a list of what to do if your car just will not start.

  1. Check Your Fuses. Most modern vehicles do not rely on fuse to start, but make sure they are in place anyway before you take on a DIY method.
  2. Check Your Battery. It may be corroded. It may be dead. Your safest bet is to know which before you remove it completely or buy a new one.
  3. Check Your Ignition. It is your “ignition switch” to be exact. If you start your car and no warning lights remain on, your switch is fine.
  4. Check Your Connection. If you apply current to your starter and it does not spin, you may have a bad starter connection.

Feel like you are out of luck and that you have tried everything?

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