Turkey Time is NOT over, folks! A whole lot of us stuffed our faces yesterday. Did we think about our vehicles? Well, the answer is likely “no.” As you are stuffing your face for a second time around, our auto repair Greenville, NC shop hopes you will consider feeding your engine, too. If you traveled for Thanksgiving and you just happen to need auto repair services in Greenville, NC, Greenville Motor Company has you covered. Don’t think so? Well, just remember that your vehicle is like a person, too. It needs care and attention, and some even need a name. 

Luckily for you, Our Auto Repair Greenville, NC Shop…

In support of the American Petroleum Institute specializAuto Repair Greenville, NCes in providing you certified engine oil like “Donut” and “Starburst.” These kinds of engine oil are tested between oil and vehicle companies like General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford to ensure you get the performance you want and need. If you are not sure what kind of engine oil  your jeep or van, or car needs, we will run tests and diagnostics to bring you a solution. As a chill and honest auto repair Greenville, NC company, we pride ourselves on solutions that are affordable yet effective. 

Not Sure Your Vehicle is Hungry?

Most engines will let you know. They will give you engine warning signs, that is. It may even attempt to make sounds, which is its way of discussing its need for hunger with you. To learn more about the flashing lights that may be on your dashboard, schedule to have your vehicle serviced at Greenville Motor Company! We will always consider ourselves a one stop shop, because we like to take care of all your needs at once. Of course, you can run from this auto repair Greenville, NC shop to the next one – every month. Or, you can find one that you know will always be available to provide you service. If it happens that your engine is just as hungry as you are, well, come visit us today! 

Feed Your Engine at Our One Stop Auto Repair Greenville, NC Shop.