It’s officially Fall 2016. The leaves are changing and the weather is cooling down. Just as you should check your smoke detectors’ batteries every time autumn comes around, preventive car maintenance procedures can keep automotive disasters from striking. Consider this fall routine from the best auto repair Greenville, NC team.

Year-round routine car maintenance is the best way to make your vehicle perform stronger and last longer. The regimen should include car tune-ups and inspection/replacement of worn belts and hoses. As the weather cools, consider changing to synthetic lubricants, which work across a wider temperature range than conventional oils. These high-tech oils cost more, so an alternative is to use lighter-weight oils in colder weather.

The cooling system is very important and should have a maintenance check every two years. The main function of the Cooling System is to carry heat away from the engine and maintain the desired operating temperature. This is accomplished by circulating antifreeze/coolant through the engine, where heat is generated, and carrying it to the radiator to be cooled.

Since the car heater and defroster work off the cooling system, check heater hoses while inspecting the radiator hoses. Coolant on the floorboard is one common sign of a leaky heater core. Also, vacuum/blow all leaves and debris out of the ducts.

Checking you battery is important. It is the power to your vehicle. If your battery has removable caps, make sure that all cells are filled with distilled water. Keep all battery terminals and cable ends clean. When jump-starting, never connect the jumper cables’ ground clamp to the dead battery’s negative post. Instead, use an engine-mounted bracket as the grounding location. In colder weather, this can keep a frozen battery from exploding.

 Auto Repair Greenville, NC experts like those at the Greenville Motor Company know all too well that our vehicles need routine checks up yearly or their performance will fail us.

Having served the Greenville, NC community for almost 15 years, GMC knows how to serve your auto repair Greenville, NC needs. No matter who you are, your vehicle’s life is just as important to us as it is to you. Contact us for all of your Fall 2016 car care needs.