Fear no longer that your engine light will get the best of you this Spring. With professional auto repair Greenville, NC service from Greenville Motor Company, your safety and reliability in your ride is our main concern. Our technicians do it all so that you do not have to meaning we can get your engine up and running for your Spring and Summer 2016 premier. If that means bringing your vehicle to GMC for auto repair Greenville, NC, go for it! Otherwise, you could run into the issue of the check engine light, which is not something you want to avoid! Of course, your engine light could come on for different reasons all at once. That means there could be more than one issue with your vehicle’s operating or machinery system. Your safest bet is to schedule a routine check up to make sure it is not on for anything too serious. To learn more about check engine lights, read below.

Here are the top five reasons we want you to be aware of so that you do not have to jack up your engine.

The light could be, because of your:

  • engine’s oxygen sensor
  • gas cap being loose
  • catalytic convertor is too hot
  • airflow sensor
  • spark plugs

Each of these is vital to your vehicle’s operation in one way or another. Want to avoid these issues in the near future (as in your check engine light is currently on)? Well, our auto repair Greenville, NC shop can help you do so. After all, when you take care of your ride, it will also take care of you. We can help it stay on the road the way it was always meant to at GMC. Avoid Engine Jack Ups Now!