The latest advice from the Federal Trade Commission wants to remind you about the importance of service contracts. A service contract is a promise from a company that they will pay for your repairs or service; it usually applies to new vehicles, but they may also vary greatly. If you recently purchased a new or used vehicle and you are not sure your repairs will be covered, make sure you contact our auto repair Greenville, NC team at Greenville Motor Company so that we can take care of your ride. We work together to ensure that your vehicle is safe and ready to get right back on the road when you are.

To best research your options for service contracts, make sure you can answer the following questions about your service contract provider. Auto repair Greenville, NC service and products from Greenville Motor Company are always guaranteed.

When speaking with your dealer, ask:

  • Do I have to buy a service contract?
  • Does the service contract duplicate any warranty coverage?
  • What is the length of the service contract?
  • Who backs the service contract?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What’s covered?
  • How are claims handled?
  • Are new or reconditioned parts authorized for use in covered repairs?
  • What are my responsibilities?

Before investing in your new vehicle, be sure to ask:

  • What’s the difference from warranty coverage and the service contract?
  • What repairs are covered?
  • Is routine maintenance covered?
  • Who pays for the labor? The parts?
  • Who performs the repairs?
  • Can repairs be made elsewhere?
  • How long does the service contract last?
  • What are the cancellation and refund policies?

In all that you do for your commercial or residential vehicle, our auto repair Greenville, NC – in support of the Federal Trade Commission wants to make sure you are not scammed.

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